How to create a jewelry display

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Attach a sawtooth (or other type) wall hanger to the back. We use thumbtacks, which are secured with glue.

Choose a Frame Wrap design - over 100 designs available in sizes from 11" x 14" to 30" x 30", nothing over $20. This is Frame Wraps style "Candy Cage"

Slip your Frame Wrap over the foamboard. The lycra-based fabrics wrap over and cling to your support without any additional attachment needed!

Add decorative push-pins of your choice to the front!

Hang your favorite jewelry, baubles or shiny things!

Ta-Da! Frame Wraps remove easily so you can swap the design anytime you like. Over 150 designs and a live video are available at or

Watch the video: How I pack my Etsy orders. Jewelry packaging ideas

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