How to cook golden crispy shrimp cheese toast ball

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This is the best toast for this dish!

The good thing to use cooked shrimp is when i fried the ball and don't have to worry if the meat if it cook enough.

Chopped or put shrimps into a small blender.


Add some pepper and sugar then mixed well.

Add cornstarch, green onion and olive oil.

Put the toast into freeze for few second then take it out cut into small little cube.

Prepared some cheese, i preferred to cut a cheese to a small cube but since I'm out of cheddar cheese so replaced it with mozzarella cheese.

Use a spoon of meat and put the cheese inside then roll it like a ball.

Then coated with the toast, it won't stick right away, just press it so it will stick on the meat.

The final step will make the ball look like around 6 cm big.

Set aside and ready to fried it. Use it as fresh as possible and not store more than 1 day.

Use the highest heat and pour 1 inch of oil in it.

Throw a small cube of toast to check if it hot enough. If you see lot of bubbles then that's mean is ready.

Slowly put in the ball and then turn the heat off for 2 minutes, to do this so it will helps to make the ball shape so it won't falling apart.

Then then use small heat back and fried till golden color.

Done and serve with mayonnaise or sweet and sour sauce.

So yummy and crispy!

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