How to lay a ceb floor

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On a sand base, we put sub-floor heating: vapor barrier, sheets of insulation, mesh with PEX pipe attached to it. PEX is connected to a solar water heater. Optional, but warm bricks feel great

Spread a layer of finely screened sand over the floor area. Make sure it is compacted and level. From here on, you will need to stand on boards to avoid putting foot prints in your floor base.

Choose which pattern you wish to use. Running bond (top) is the easiest for the beginner, then Basket Weave (middle), then Herring Bone (bottom)

Place each brick, one by one, where you want it to go. Check it's level with previous bricks or existing floors, and that it's level in all directions. Tap with rubber mallet to get it perfect.

When you get to the end of a row and lack a half brick, leave it. At the end, cut any bricks that you need and fill in the spaces. Alternatively, you can fill in the edges with concrete.

Sweep fine sand into the cracks between bricks. Let it settle, then repeat. For a longer lasting floor, use concrete mortar in between each brick as you lay it. This is harder, but is more durable.

Once the sand no longer settles, varnish the floor with an oil or acrylic based sealant. Pour onto the cracks first, then once it has hardened a little, apply the rest with a roller. And that's it.

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