How to make candy cane festive nails

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Gather a white or silver and a red nail polish. (Opt. Red sparkle nail polish)

Give your nails a quick buff&shine.

Then file them so they're round at the tips.

Now paint both of your ring fingers one coat...

Or two with your white polish.

Paint the rest of your fingers red. A tip is to use a toothpick to clean up excess nail polish after painting so you can get in the cudicles.

Now cut 6 tape strips like the ones above and place 3 per ring finger diagonally like above.

Paint over top of your ring fingers using red.

You can paint a second coat as well if you want for this part

Immediately after, take of the paint strips slowly. You must take them off SLOWLY or else it will wreck the bottom or white coat.

Don't forget the clear coat! This is important. Skip the ring fingers for this part if you want to add glitter. Paint the glitter coat on in the direction of the red stripes, or it will smudge.

Good job! You finished! Now go show off your awesome candy cane nails!

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