How to make a nail polish swatch book

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This is all my polish. I have a ton, and I want a way to keep track of what I have. One way to do that is to make a swatch book.

I'm using this binder I bought that's been sitting around waiting for a purpose. So I also need binder paper. And reinforcement labels. You should use a cute notebook.

Because I'm using a binder and paranoid, I'm using reinforcement labels. You obviously don't if you're using a notebook. You just need to name your book, and give it some cover art, if you want to.

You want to title your pages. Either by type of polish- glitter, jelly, texture or color. Or by brand- which is what I'm doing.

This is my first page, I'm doing nine swatches per page.

Wait and make sure the page is dry before turning and starting the next one. If you're going by brand or type then make sure to leave a few pages free after each section. If you're doing it randomly,

make sure you include the brand and name of the polish.

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