How to draw a realistic eye

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Begin scribbling and sketching with your pencil to get a good idea of the shading, the HB is for light shades and sketch, 2B for mild grade and 6b for darker shades and a rubber to erase you mistakes.

Begin drawing an eye shape opening, draw an oval but with the two far ends in a point, draw the inner eye circle, this will be the foundation of your eye.

Draw in the pupil in the centre with a gap not shaded in, with allows a light glare which makes it more realistic. Improve on your wanted sketch lines as we go through.

Draw in lines from the inner circle to the pupil creating a star burst effect of the eye.

Improve in those lines with mild and darker shades.

Place eyelash and eyebrow outline on the eye and improve the realism on them to improve the look on the eye.

Place a eye crease line on top of the eye causing the eye to stick out more, shade that line into the eyebrow and fade around the eye lash.

This should be your final result, with more time put into it and placing more shade lines this is how the eye will look like

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