How to Store Earbuds Without Tangles

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Get your headphones. Untangle them if they're tangled.

Put the plug end across your fingers.

Wrap the cord *loosely* around your fingers. If you wrap it too tight, you can lessen the lifespan of the wires.

Stop wrapping when you only have 4 to 5 inches of cord left. By this time, it should have split into two separate cords, one for each earbud.

Slide the loops of cord off your fingers, making sure that they remain looped.

Pinch the loop of cord in half, so it makes a little bundle.

Take the loose earbuds and wrap their cords around the loops of cord until you have about an inch of cord left on each earbud.

Separate the loop cord so that there's a discernible hole at the end of the bunch.

Push one of the earbuds through the hole.

Wrap the earbud around one side of the loop, as many times as you can before you run of of cord.

Repeat with the other earbud.

Now your earbuds will never be tangled again!

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